Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Rift Collectors Edition

Digital items
  • Ancient Tartagon Mount - Available at level 20, this turtle mount increases your speed by 60%
  • Collector's Satchel - Increases the size of your primary backpack to 24 slots
  • Bogling Wastrel - This mischievous, Collector's Edition-only pet sets you apart from the other Ascended. 
Physical items

  • 8GB USB Drive - Exclusive flash drive branded with the Rift logo
  • Official Rift Soundtrack - Featuring 17 epic tracks from acclaimed game composer Inon Zur
  • SteelSeries gaming mouse pad - Featuring detailed art of a blistering Fire Rift
  • Telara Chronicles Trade Hardcover - All five issues of the gripping graphic novel miniseries based on the Rift universe in one limited-edition hardbound book

The physical edition come with all the items on the digital.
Il be getting the physical collectors edition :D

If your getting Rift id advise you to get the physical collectors its not too much more money than the normal edition and so many freebies!!!


  1. It's on my to get list. I'm a sucker for the misc useless stuff that comes with collectors editions.
    Nice info though.

  2. for me it would depend on the coolness of the soundtrack, don't care too much about the other physical stuff (digital upgrades sound useful tho)

  3. Eh... collectors editions just don't do it for me anymore. The game is what I want, not the other stuff that I'll just forget about within a week.

  4. I am definitely gonna consider this now after reading what it comes with !

  5. I'll have to look into this, seems pretty tight.

  6. thanks man im glad i read this. ill make sure to get the collectors edition!

  7. Never heard of this game. I'll check out some clips on youtube.

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  9. I never quite understood of paying a premium for a game collection edition