Saturday, 22 January 2011

Razer ONZA

  • Two fully programmable Multi-Function Buttons for maximum customizability
  • Precision D-Pad for dead-on accuracy
  • Hyperesponse action buttons for faster actuation and crisp tactile feedback
  • Enhanced ergonomics for perfect hand positioning
  • Textured surface providing superior grip
  • Super long 15 foot cable gives you optimal reach

Razers new xbox 360 controller COMING SOON. Only $39.99 (or $49.99 for the tournament edition)
Nice to see razer making an effort for the hardcore console gamers out there. The Gamepad has adjustable joystick resistance. Also has a non slip rubber coating, no more crappy stock plastic controllers. This gamepad is a must for any hardcore console gamer.                                                                                                                            Check it out here :

There is also a Razer Xbox 360 Headset coming out i will post on that when information comes in. :D
Check Back Soon. Ty


  1. i want one

    your friend,

  2. my brother would probably like this, thanks.

    followin/supporting you daily:

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  4. Interesting controller. Eagerly waiting for Nintendo's next controller though, they are the ones who always come out with the most innovative stuff.

    Anyway, followed and supported.

  5. That is a sweet remote, razer never let you down with design

  6. I am actually really pleased with razor products. I have a Blackwidow mechanical keyboard, and it's a pleasure to game/type on. I might look into their xbox controllers when it comes out.

  7. I think i found my next purchase haha. That controller looks really good.

  8. That looks kick ass!

  9. was always a fan of razer. When I get my xbox, def picking this one up

  10. that looks good

  11. DAMN this is a sexy controller

  12. Cool story, if I had a 360.