Friday, 21 January 2011

Black Ops Review

Call of Duty video game series from the publishers Activision and its developers  always engages the first person shooter fan to pick up the pace, shoot, plant charges, run to cover and what not like a war experience. This game didn’t fail to do so and kept its and its predecessors’ names. The single player campaign rages hell on the enemies with twisting plots and different gameplays as the player proceeds through the game. The sheer gameplay is enough to make it a fps heaven, but when the sound qualities and the stunning visual effects literally screams at the gamer it becomes the best shooting game in the year.

The campaign mode sets during the Cold War in 1960s.  In this mode the game takes you on different Cold War political areas like Cuba, Russia, Laos and Vietnam. The player takes control of a US special forces operative and along the game a CIA agent. The game starts with the player strapped to a chair in a interrogation chamber. While interrogation the player reminiscences about the missions he had done. This recalling takes him to most of the missions playable and all of it gradually fits into the story of the game. Something unique, surely to be appreciated in this mechanism is that at times during missions the player hides important information from the interrogators which blurs the screen and sometimes the voices of them echoes in the recalling missions all to stand out COD: Black Ops incomparable.This “remembering missions” stops after an impressive prison break and later missions takes the player to end the game.The game includes new arsenal  like crossbows, Dragon’s Breath rounds and ballistic knife. To multiply the fun you also get to drive, or be a gunner of different vehicles including piloting a Hind Helicopter.


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